Group Therapy

Our group addiction therapy in Louisville, KY brings patients in recovery together to focus on some of the most commonly shared experiences with substance use disorders. While sometimes we spend the session talking about personal issues with each other, we strive to provide several therapeutic means to the patients who engage in this type of care.

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    This is evidenced by the different kinds of group therapy that we offer including the following:

    • Behavioral groups — The therapist in charge of the group addiction therapy in Louisville will lead the group in exercises rooted in evidence-based behavioral therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Through this medium, patients can work together to identify distorted thinking patterns and the troublesome behaviors they cause and establish healthy thinking patterns that promote sobriety and success in recovery. 
    • Skills development groups — Skills groups, such as life skills groups or relapse prevention groups focus on equipping patients with the tools they need in order to maintain their sobriety. Within these groups, patients can sharpen skills related to communication, emotional expression, stress management, self-care, and more. Our group therapy is unique in that patients can learn skills and then immediately apply them to situations in their lives, as all services are outpatient and patients live at home during their treatment.
    • Psychoeducational groups — It is extremely important that patients take the time to develop a strong education about addiction as a disease, especially since it affects them. Psychoeducational groups provide patients with information about addiction, including how it develops, why it is hard to stop, why relapse occurs, what treatments are most effective, and so on. 

    Group addiction therapy can address many different needs that all patients have, allowing them the ability to heal and grow amongst one another. 

    Benefits of Group Addiction Therapy in Louisville

    Group addiction therapy is an evidence-based treatment, meaning that it has been tested and studied by professionals and has proven to be effective in treating substance use disorders. The group therapy that we offer can provide countless benefits to our patients, especially when they put forth their best efforts. 

    Some of the most prominent benefits of group therapy in Louisville, KY include the following:

    • Support — It is nearly impossible to recover from a substance use disorder without the support of other people. When in group therapy, patients will work together on a number of different things, but most importantly, they can share with one another, listen to each other, and serve as a strong support system. From that support can develop a strong bond between group members, some so strong that they last long after treatment has been completed.
    • Trust — Group addiction therapy does not skirt around any topics or subjects. Our therapists focus on what is most important to our patients and their recovery. As a result, several open and honest conversations occur between group members, as do activities and exercises. Through their participation, patients can begin developing a sense of trust with one another, which not only feels good but also shows patients that it is ok to trust others in their recovery.
    • Accountability — When in a group, patients are expected to show up and participate in order for the session to function properly. As patients start to gather support and trust between one another, it becomes important to be present at every group therapy session, both physically and mentally. Patients can quickly begin feeling accountable for being an active member of their group, which helps implement this quality into all other areas of his or her life.

    Our group addiction therapy in Louisville also helps patients improve their communication skills, especially since they are interacting with others on a regular basis. From the beginning of their treatment to the end, patients can expect to be involved in some level of group therapy. 

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    A great deal of effort goes into sustaining a substance use disorder. While it might seem to some that being addicted to drugs is “taking the easy way out”, you know that it is not that way at all. If you are addicted to drugs, then you know just how painful and exhausting this disease can be. And even if you do not feel like you want to stop, chances are that you know that you need to stop using. 

    At our treatment center, we can help you get the comprehensive care that you need to end your active addiction and begin building a life in recovery. We understand how overwhelming it can feel to reach out for help, but continuing to abuse drugs is a much less viable option. Getting help as quickly as possible is the only way to prevent further consequences of your use, including fatal overdose. 

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