Relapse Prevention

Our relapse prevention in Louisville, KY focuses on providing individuals with the skills necessary to keep from using again. When patients enroll in one of our programs, they will be able to participate in relapse prevention so that they can sustain the work they did while in treatment after they complete their programming.

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    How Does Relapse Occur?

    Relapse is a completely normal part of recovery, simply because addiction is a disease. This means that there is always potential for someone to fall back into a pattern of old behaviors because of how their brains are wired. However, that does not mean that everyone in recovery is going to relapse. 

    Part of one’s recovery should be learning how to prevent relapse. When aware of warning signs of relapse, individuals can quickly reverse a relapse before it occurs. Thankfully, relapse does not usually happen overnight, rather there are stages most people go through prior to using again. 

    Emotional relapse 

    An emotional relapse occurs when a person is no longer taking care of his or her emotional needs. During this time, individuals may do things such as stop asking for help, skip support group meetings or therapy sessions, ignore their need for self-care, and stop talking about their feelings. They are usually not even thinking about using again during an emotional relapse, however, at this time, their emotional resilience is being eroded, leaving them susceptible to a mental relapse.

    Mental relapse

    Different from the emotional relapse, a mental relapse occurs when a person is battling with the idea of using again. He or she might go back and forth about if and when he or she should use. He or she might even begin making plans on when to relapse, ensuring that when they do, they are not around loved ones, in public, etc. The stress that comes from the emotional relapse can weaken the reserve of a person who is experiencing a mental relapse, which is why the physical relapse can occur once a person starts considering using again. 

    Physical relapse

    A physical relapse is when a person actually uses again. This should not be confused with a lapse, which is when a person in recovery only uses one singular time after getting sober. A relapse means that a person has gone back to full-blown use. When this occurs, it is imperative that a person obtains professional help in order to get back into recovery.

    Relapse Prevention in Louisville, KY

    Our relapse prevention in Louisville, KY educates patients on what relapse is and how they can control whether they experience it or not. During relapse prevention classes, patients will also work to develop skills that they can utilize for a lifetime, including the following:

    • Solid communication skills, allowing patients to improve their relationships with others and express themselves in a healthy manner
    • Reliable exit strategies so that when patients find themselves in high-risk situations, they can remove themselves appropriately to preserve their sobriety
    • Structured boundaries with oneself and with others to promote inner peace, minimal stress, and continued success in recovery
    • Positive behaviors that can supersede negative behaviors triggered by dysfunctional thinking patterns and emotional responses
    • Information on the disease of addiction, giving patients the power to understand what their bodies and minds experience so that they can work to prevent issues like relapse

    Relapse prevention in Louisville, KY can provide patients with these and many other skills that can be incorporated into one’s everyday functioning. For many, it takes time to learn how to utilize these skills and do so without having to think much about it. As time passes, these skills can quickly become second-nature to individuals, allowing them to continually maintain their sobriety and grow in their recovery. 

    If you are in need of treatment for addiction, call us right now. Not only can we offer you relapse prevention skills, but we can also offer you an entire course of care that will help you live a happier, healthier life.

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